The following Guests gave their lectures in MEC:-

  • by Captain Anand , Indian Army, Bikaner to motivate students of MEC for joining ARMY 15 March 2017.

  • by Dr. Shankar Lal Soni , Hydro geologist , Ground Water Department ,Bikaner on World Water Day on Depletion trends in ground water dated 11 april 2016.

  • Dr. Pushpendra Singh (Pofessor, JKLU, Jaipur ) on “ Faults measurement in power system” dated on 10/10/2015.

  • Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, Principal (BKIT, Kota) on Power System for the students of Electrical Engineering at Marudhar Engineering College Bikaner dated on 18/9/2015 .

  • Mr.Subhash Sharma, Regional Director, Kota Open University on career counselling held on 23 Apr 2015.

  • Dr. C. N Shri Mali , Assistant Professor ,ECB PolyTechnique on Roar Your Way to Excellence , 5 March 2015.

  • Dr. D. K. Palwaliya on Need & Problems of EHV Transmission Lines held on 18 Jan 2015.

  • Dr. Mithlesh Mishra on RF Technology and MEMS held on 12 Dec 2015.

  • Motivational Lecture on "Moral Ethics and Presentation Skills" held on 14 Nov by Dr. Gaurav Bissa.

  • Prof. Mool Singh on Recent Technologies in Power Electronics held on Oct 2014.

  • Dr. Puspendra Singh, Prof. EE on Electrical Drives & Their Control held on 04 Oct 2014.

  • Dr. Chakarvati Narayan on Personality Development and Professional Ethics held on 15 Oct 2014.

  • A guest lecture has been conducted for B.Tech Final Year students by Prof. M.S.Gaur on “Procedures & Coding Parameters adopted on Computerized Numerically Control Lathe Machine” dated 16 Sept 2014.

  • A guest lecture has been organized for B.Tech Final Year students by Dr.J.P.Bhami on “Process of Product Design” dated 23-Aug-2014.

  • Dr. Mahendra Lalwani on Power System Security held on 5 Dec 2014.

  • Mr. S.L.Rathi on Wireless Communication & its Application held on 13 Mar 2014.

  • Dr. M. M. Saxena on "Drought Management" held on 14 Dec 2013.

  • Mr. Sandeep Rankawat on Antenna Design held on 23 Oct 2013.

  • An expert lecture on “Technical Writing and Resume Writing” was conducted on 16-Mar-2013 by Mr. Yogesh Sharma for CSE, IT and ECE students.

  • An expert lecture on “Professional Email Professional Writing Skills” was conducted on 23-Feb-2013 by Mr. Parikshit Chauhan for CSE, IT and ECE students.

  • Mr.Abhishek Acharya on Digital Signal Processing & its Application held on 25 Feb 2013.

  • Dr. Mohit Bansal delivered a lecture for 1st Year students on "Effect of Pollutants on Human Skin & its Prevention".

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