• Electrical Engineering Department got the following grants in International conference “ARREPS” :

    • AICTE 200000/-

    • DRDO 50000/-

    • ISRO 50000/-

    • MNRE 50000/-

  • Mr. Sharad Gupta got the financial sponsorship from DST, Jaipur for his project “GREEN BEE”. Team members: Amit Singh, Vikrant Singh, Varun Sharma and Sonu Verma.

  • Mr. Ganesha Ram of Mechanical Engineering Department have researched in the field of Optimization, Geometric Modeling for Design IC Engine (Alternative Fuel).

  • Selection of project on "NAREGA" for "Department Of Science And Technology" submitted by Aarif and Devendra Singh Raghuvanshi of Computer Science and Engineering . The aim of this NAREGA website emphasized on attendance record maintenance of the workers and calculation of the salary according to number of days they work. The website includes these forms:

    • Login Form-for Administrator to login.

    • Registration Form-for Administrator to insert the worker’s name and job card no.

    • Blank Registration Form-for a new registration.

    • Attendance Record Form-to insert attendance of worker.

    • Filled entry of Job Card no. Form-Shows the format for filling job card no. to increase attendance.

    • Status Check Form-to check status of worker by job card no.

    • Worker Status Form-shows the total work day of a worker.


    • Two books on “ Strength of Materials” for the M.P Technical Board and a book on “ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” for BTER, Jodhpur were written by Mr.Abdul Samad and Mr. Kailash Swami.

    • Technical magazines SENSATION is published by CSE Department biannually, chief editors are Ms. Aruna Bhadu and Mr. Manmohan Sharma.

    • IJAREST(International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering Science and Technology) journal is published.

    • MELANGE,

    • Mr. Ganesha Ram of Mechanical Engineering Department wrote “Static Finite Elements Analysis and Optimization of Two Wheeler connecting Rod”.

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